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Discover the magic of rural Spain

with our guided tours of Gozón!

Our passion for languages, history and rural Asturias has led us to offering specialised guided tours of Gozón, a beautiful part of rural Asturias, so that people from all over can discover the magic of the natural paradise that is Asturias. With our local tour guide in Asturias, you will be able to discover more of this wonderful region.

We are currently offering short tours of Luanco, a picturesque fishing village in the northern-most point of Asturias, and long one-day walking guided tours of Gozón that go from the capital, Luanco, until the Cabo de Peñas lighthouse. With these tours, you will discover the story, history and the hidden gems of the villages along the way.


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Our tours of Luanco go over the history and traditions of this small fishing town. Discover the history of Luanco and Gozón, learn about its whaling past and find out what are the best places to taste the local cuisine in this traditional rural town. The tour starts in front of the town hall, visits some of the most important sites of the town and ends at the beach of Luanco.

We organise “free tours” during the summer, Fridays to Sundays. Consult us by phone or email for times, or checkout our Guruwalk page (a “Free tour” means that you pay the guide the amount you deem appropriate for the tour, not that the tour is free of charge).

Guided tours of Gozón

(Luanco to Cabo Peñas and Verdicio walking tours)

The tour starts at the town hall in Luanco and follows the hiking trail from Luanco to Cabo Peñas. Discover the history of the area and hear local stories about the villages we will visit along the way. Villages like Peroño, Bañugues, Llumeres and its old iron mine, and Cabo de Peñas and its lighthouse. Please do take into account that these are hiking trails that can last up to 3 to 5 hours and appropriate clothing should be worn. Different routes or shorter ones are available, for example, Luanco to Bañugues. These routes are not suitable for people with disabilities. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us with your questions. Rates differ depending on the route agreed upon.

Discover the beauty of rural Spain with a local tour guide in Asturias!

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