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Technical Translations

PPE manual need translating? Doctor’s note written in a language you can’t understand?

Technical translations are probably the hardest type of translation a translator has to deal with. In these cases, the translator has to have the experience and/or skills and ability needed to research a field and understand the text in question. Due to this, these translations are generally considered to be more demanding than others. Many non-expert translators spend years specialising in a single field in order to be able to produce these high-quality translations and many also work as in-house translators for the same reason, as when you work as part of a business that specialises in a certain field, you also gain valuable knowledge and insight.

You wouldn’t expect a translator who has never translated safety reports on explosives to understand everything. You need someone who was either a specialist in the field or someone who has the training needed to find the answers they need. Generally speaking, a lot of technical texts aren’t that difficult to understand as they tend to go straight to the point and the language is standardised. This means that a resourceful translator can fill in the gaps in their knowledge, if they have any, and produce a translation using local jargon that the local specialists can understand, with a certain amount of ease.

There are many types of technical translations, as many as there are fields of expertise, so if you are in need of some linguistic services send us a message and we will try to meet your needs as best as we can.

Want your clients to understand that manual of yours? Need to know what fabric that heavy duty boot is made out of? Send us a message!

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