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Running an ad in a foreign country? Want to open up your online store to a new market?

Localisation means to make local, to orient locally; and that is what we strive to do for our customers.  You may have an online shop that you need translated, an ad campaign or even a film that needs subtitling. We can help you to translate it to the local market of your choosing.

The distinction between localisation and translation is that translation requires that the translator translate what is written in the document more or less exactly as it is written. Whereas localisation, while translating your content, also adjusts it to the market in question to give it that certain local touch that allows you to fit right in with the locals. What the localising translator does is to adapt the translation to the local language, not looking for an exact translation, but rather something that would transmit the meaning and try to elicit the correct response from the reader or listener. SEO is also very important when localising websites and a good localiser also has an SEO strategy that guides their translation.

The world is a stage and you will be competing with everyone else in order to be heard. Localisation allows you to boost your voice in those markets where you want to be heard. It’s no use to open up to a local market if you cannot speak the lingo.

Interested? Why not send us a message and we can discuss how we can help your business have a local voice all around the globe.

A video need subtitling for the Spanish market? Your e-commerce opening up to the world? Do you want to publicise your services to a whole new group of foreign consumers?

Interested? Send us a message!