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Commercial & Legal Translations

Have an agreement or contract that you can’t understand? Working with a business that doesn’t speak your language?

These are problems that you may face in your professional and personal lives, this is why commercial and legal translations are so important in these cases. You wouldn’t sign a contract that you don’t understand, I hope, and you shouldn’t sign an agreement written in a language you don’t understand well. We can help you cut through the foreign legalese and help you too understand what it is you are entering into.

These documents could be lease agreements, supply contracts, terms and conditions of sale, wills, court documents, GDPR and many more.

It is also worth pointing out that a legal translation is not the same as a certified or sworn translation. Legal translation refers to the speciality of the translation and does not refer to if the translation is certified or sworn. Sworn or certified translations are translations where a duly authorised translator or, in the case of certain common law countries, a professional translator with enough proven experience, certifies or swears that the translation is a faithful representation of the original document. This is done to give the translation legal value and will most likely be required if you need to present documentation for any official purpose. These translations also tend to be a little more expensive compared to normal non-sworn legal translations.

If you want more information on sworn translations in Spain, go to our Certified and Sworn Translations page or visit the following official website of the Spanish government.

Do you want to know if your lease agreement allows you to adopt that pet you always wanted? Are you worried that you don’t know what you are entering into by singing that contract of yours? Send us a message and we’ll try to make sense of all that foreign legalese for you.

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