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Looking for a certified translator in the UK? All you need to know

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Certified translations in the UK follow a different system to other certified translations systems in other countries. We have already had a look at sworn translations in Spain where sworn translators are recognized by the Spanish government. A certified translator in the UK, however, doesn’t enjoy any official recognition. So, what do I need to look for when looking for a certified translator in the UK?

The British government gives very generic advice as to what a translator needs to have to be able to certify a translation. The advice merely states that the person certifying the translation must certify:

  • that the translation is a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’;
  • the date the translation was made;
  • and the full name and contact details of the translator.

Generally speaking, the translator is considered to have to be a professional translator. Some agencies or organisations also request that the translator be a member of a recognised organisation such as the Chartered Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. This means that translations made by professional translators recognised in other parts of the world could also be accepted.

The system isn’t as clear-cut as it is in other countries, but it does allow for more competition and, therefore, less artificially-inflated prices.

So, what do I look for when choosing a translator?

First thing to do is to find out exactly what the agency or organisation receiving the translation needs and wants from the certified translation (mostly, does the translator need to be a member of any particular organisation).

Once you’ve done that, you just need to find a professional, experienced translator who can fulfil the specific needs of the job.

Do you need a certified translation for another country? Well you can find out more about a variety of countries on our blog here.

I hope we have helped you to understand what you need when looking for a certified translator in the UK. If you need a translation or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form here.

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