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Certified translation in the USA, the liberalized system

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Certified translation in the USA, need certified translators in the USA

We have previously talked about certified translations in the UK and sworn translations in Spain, but what is the system in the US like? Well, a certified translation in the USA is much more similar to the certified translation system in the UK. It is a very liberalized system that is mostly unregulated.

What can you expect when looking for a certified translator in the US?

Well, if you are looking for a certified translator already, you probably need a legal, academic, medical or other type of document translated for a court, the immigration services, another governmental body, educational institution or something else.

Certified translations exist as a way to guarantee the accuracy and trustworthiness of a translation, this allows these institutions to trust that what they are reading is an accurate translation of the original.

Different countries have different ways of guaranteeing that they can trust the translator. As we have seen previously, the UK asks that the translator be a professional (an actual registered business) and that they sign the translation and leave their contact details (some bodies also request that the translator be a member of a recognised translation organization like the Chartered Institute of Linguists), whilst in Spain the government regulates who can and can’t certify a translation. However, things are different in the USA.

Certified translation in the USA isn’t really regulated. Technically, there is nothing to stop someone from certifying a translation. This means that just about anyone can do it if they speak the language. However, in practice there are organizations will ask that the person translating be a professional member of a recognised organization like the American Translators Association (they offer their own certification exam too).

These translators will sign, add a certification statement to the translation and their contact details like they do in the UK. On occasion, the end recipient may want the translation to be notarized, though that isn’t always required. I suggest you always ask the end recipient exactly what they need when they request a certified translation.

Then, what should you look for when hiring a certified translator in the USA?

First, you need to know if the organisation requesting the translation has any specific requirements for it (again, always ask them exactly what they need).

Then, check their credentials, are they a member of a translation organisation, are they accredited, have they got experience, etc.

Finally, have a look at reviews and other trusted sources.

If that sounds complicated, you can also hire a translation company like ours that works with trusted, accredited translators to guarantee a quality certified translation.

Looking for certified translations in the USA? If you need a translation or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form here.

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